Sunday, April 4, 2010

Abstract state of mind

a state of mind with no objects, no forms
no sense of reality.
a characteristic set apart from all specifics,
an instant that is not meant to be understood.
a zone with no space or time,
an essence; a mood; fog.

I am exploring an idea,
this time using someone else as the 'subject'.

Below are some pictures of my visual exploration.
It is exactly what it looks like, I put a girl in a clear box.

Eventually, a second person decided to join my model in her box, 
they were weirdly comfortable!

I am not sure what the result of this exploration will be,
I refuse to define what it is that I will do,
I will let the process of my exploration take a journey,
to an unknown destination.

Special thanks to Maitha D & Mariam L

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